April in Santa Cruz

Daniel Goode
80th Birthday Celebration

As part of the annual April in Santa Cruz Contemporary Music Festival, I performed three solo works by Daniel Goode:

Sonata 1 (2015)
Sonata 2 (2015)
OoMPAH for Henry (2002)

Daniel Goode is a wonderful composer and clarinetist who lives and works in New York City. It was a joy to meet him and his wife Ann Snitow, a feminist activist and writer! Daniel Goode is co-founder/co-director of the DownTown Ensemble and since 1976 he has been a performer and composer with Gamelan Son of Lion. In 2004 he initiated the Flexible Orchestra, a rethinking of the symphony orchestra. From 1971 to 1998 he was director of the Electronic Music Studio at Rutgers University.