Larry Polansky’s “B’midbar” is a program-length set of seventeen pieces that is unlike any other work written for solo piano. Often the performer is given additional tasks while playing the piano: to sing, whistle, play percussion, sign in ASL, or read multiple scores at once. Partway through the performance, there is an audience sing-along. Despite being a solo work, several pieces feature other musicians!

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Flute and Piano

I perform in a flute and piano duo with my wife, Antares Boyle.  We have a special interest in late 20th and 21st-century works, as well as the music of J.S. Bach.  We enjoy working with composers and have commissioned a number of new works for our instrumentation.

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A collective jazz quartet

“[Slumgum’s] vivid sense of melody and relentless drive for exploration mark it as a quartet to watch.”
–Chris Barton, The Los Angeles Times

“Slumgum’s compositional and instrumental abilities put it in the very top echelon of forward-looking, up-and-coming jazzers.”
–Dave Wayne,

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Johanna Beyer
Born in 1888, Johanna Beyer emigrated from Germany and settled in New York where she became deeply involved in the contemporary music scene of the 1930s. Her extraordinary compositions exemplify the innovations of the “American ultramodernists,” a group of important musical pioneers from that era. Though overlooked during her lifetime and for years after her death, today her music is gaining more attention.

On May 1, 2013, I performed a selection of her solo piano works during a celebration of her music at UC Santa Cruz.

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Duo with Nikola Tosic
“Spontaneous composition” with Nikola Tosic, a jazz trumpeter and Balkan brass player based in Vancouver, BC.

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The Trevor Anderies Ensemble
It was a joy to record with drummer Trevor Anderies for his debut album. “Shades of Truth” shows off his exceptional compositional talent and features a host of outstanding LA musicians including the legendary Dwight Trible.

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The Daniel Rosenboom Septet
Recorded live at the Blue Whale, the Daniel Rosenboom Septet features: Daniel Rosenboom, Gavin Templeton, Jon Armstrong, Brian Walsh, Rory Cowal, Hamilton Price, and Matt Mayhall.

“One of the most original, exciting, adventurous groups in L.A. right now.”
— Gary Fukushima, LA Weekly

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Live at LACMA with Hugh Ragin
Click here to hear a live performance with Hugh Ragin from the Jazz at LACMA concert series. Hugh Ragin is a trumpet legend, equally at home playing bebop as he is playing avant-garde improvisation.  In addition to his many remarkable albums as a leader, his illustrious career includes historic collaborations with the likes of Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton, and Wadada Leo Smith.



Live at Royal/T with Dwight Trible
Click here to watch a sample of Slumgum’s collaboration with Dwight Trible, one of the most expressive and riveting singers in jazz. Dwight has worked with such notables as Horace Tapscott, Billy Higgins, and Pharaoh Sanders. He is a true legend and cultural treasure of Los Angeles!



Various solo piano recordings


James Tenney: Chromatic Canon (with Danny Holt)
Mapping sound. – the SASSAS 10th Anniversary Concert (September 12, 2009)
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Improvised duo with Maya Dalinsky
November 18th 2009; Pasadena, CA


Two Duets with Stephanie Richards, trumpet
Recorded at Capitol Records Studios, Los Angeles, CA (2008) EMI